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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I feel like she might fall out...

So hopefully not really but I did freak out a little last week. The girls at work threw me a baby shower on Friday 11/21 and that's when it all started. I felt terrible and was feeling a lot of pressure like she was pushing down between my legs. I went home that afternoon and just took it easy and felt much better on Saturday during the day. Saturday night it came back and then I was fine all day Sunday. I went to work on Monday morning thinking all was fine and I had just had a crummy weekend, right? Not quite...I walk a mile uphill to work every day (haha, that makes me sound like my Grandpa except minus the 3 feet of snow, haha!).  Anyways, I was walking to work and it started again but it really felt like she was down between my legs. This really freaked me out because I'm thinking it's probably not a good thing to be feeling lots of pressure where the baby is supposed to be coming out, right? I got to work and asked around and pretty much everyone told me that they felt like that in the end of their pregnancy and it sounded normal. I called the doctor and talked to a nurse hoping she would tell me the same thing, that all was fine and normal and I'd just be uncomfortable for a few more weeks until I deliver. Wouldn't that have been nice, but no....I had to go in to be "checked" out.  Mind you, I was not preparing to be "checked" down there until 36 weeks and that area is not one I've seen in a few months so obviously I'm not too thrilled to be baring all before I had a chance to get it under control and presentable if you get what I mean...

Being that this is the week of Thanksgiving, my husband is now working crazy hours and cannot come with me to the appointment since it wasn't planned. My Mom comes to the rescue and picks me up and accompanies me to my appointment. I was definitely freaked out and didn't want to go alone, plus walking was making me even more uncomfortable so I certainly didn't want to walk all the way back to the car (downhill this time, but still a mile).  We see the doctor and he asked me a million questions, pokes & prods (ouch!), then checks my belly measurements and listens to her heartbeat. All looks good and he takes a look at my cervix, which let me tell you hurt like crazy! Turns out her head is just down in my pelvis and she's getting bigger faster than my ligaments are willing to stretch out which is causing my pain/pressure. Gotta love those round ligaments! He did a fetal fibronectin test as well just to make sure I wasn't in early labor and that all turned out OK as well. So basically, my baby is engaged and ready to go and I just get to suffer until she decides to come out. Good news though, is that I only have 3 more weeks until I'm full term!

34 weeks pregnant

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our crib has FINALLY come in!!

I'm super excited! My hubby is going down to pick up our crib tomorrow! Woohoo! I was going to try to upload an image so you could see how beautiful it is but it didn't quite happen for me. I'll have to get some lessons from Mrs. 5C for next time :-) We were supposed to have our dresser as well but apparently the guy called from the store and said it was obviously damaged. My hubby is going to go look at it but we'll probably have to wait for another one to come in. I was so ready to finish setting up the nursery! Bummer!

Figured out the pictures all on my own (5 months later...)

Young America by Stanley Starlight Built to Grow Crib Series - Starlight Built to Grow Crib Room Set - Young America by Stanley Starlight Built to Grow Crib Series

Young America by Stanley 394-94-12 - Starlight Chest - Young America by Stanley 394-94-12

31 weeks 4 days pregnant

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So it turns out I'm a lazy blogger...

I know it's been a while since my last post so I thought I'd do one on things you've missed in the midst of my laziness...

My eyelashes fell out! No, not all of them but certainly a significant enough amount that freaked me out. I usually wear glasses so I hadn't really been noticing this going on for a few weeks behind my glasses but once I did I freaked out and called my OB and told the nurse that my baby was causing my eyelids to go bald (obviously I am NOT OK with this!). I had changed nothing else, no new makeup, meds, face wash, it had to be my baby, right? She assured me that this was not the case and I needed to call my PCP as this was not obviously not related to my pregnancy. I'm thinking OK, what on earth is he going to do about eyelashes so I disregarded that advice and decided to call my eye doctor. Eyelashes, eye doctor, made sense to me and they thought so too so they set me up an urgent appointment. I went to the eye doctor, who was not my normal doctor (who is fabulous and I love) and I swear she was 12 years old and basically told me she had no idea and figured it was because I was pregnant. She took out some fancy machine and looked at my lashes and said she couldn't see where any were even missing and they looked just like normal eyelashes should. OK, I get where she could say that, but I don't have normal eyelashes, I have GREAT thick & full eyelashes that are usually so long that I can't even open my eyes all the way until after my mascara dries or I get tiny black dots under my brows. I want my fabulous lashes back, not normal people lashes! (Yes, I realize that sounds terrible, please accept my apologies). So she decided to refer me to an eyelid specialist to make sure there wasn't a bigger issue. I'm thinking, great, the 12 year old eye doctor has no idea, thinks I'm crazy and now I have to see someone! But I follow directions and I go see this other doctor like a good little patient. She, too, basically looks at me with her fancy machine, tells me she can't see where my eyelashes are falling out but offers to write me a prescription for a glaucoma medication (um, NO THANKS!) to help my eyelashes grow. Is she crazy? Basically, another $30 co pay later I am simply the pregnant girl who THINKS her eyelashes are falling out. Fun. I'm sure they had a nice little chat about me afterwards.

Update: my eyelashes have grown back and all is well (without glaucoma medication...).

My 28-week glucose tolerance test & rhogam shot. I took the day off since I would be thoroughly poked & prodded and figured I'd just get this all done in one day. My Mom came for moral support (I really think she just wanted in on the poking & prodding) and we trotted off to the hospital at 7:30am. We show up and fill out loads of fun paperwork and I am handed what looks to be a tiny orange soda in a glass bottle. The lady explains that I should not shake the bottle since it is indeed carbonated. I'm thinking, why on earth would you make a pregnant girl drink a carbonated soda on an empty stomach at 7:30am??? This is pure evil. I take the bottle and we find our seats and I proceed to ingest this carbonated beverage. I had heard horrible rumors that it was this nasty orange syrupy drink that would make me ill so I was fully prepared to just hold my nose and down it. In all honesty, it just tasted like orange soda, which normally is a good thing if you like orange soda, just not at 7:30am on an empty stomach. We waited an hour and then with my now massive case of heartburn (once again, the carbonation, was it really necessary???) go back and have my blood drawn. I will have to admit that the woman was incredible and I barely even felt the needle, I was impressed. Her assistant gave me a my little pony sticker (no, not kidding) and we went upstairs to go have my rhogam shot. By this point I am totally starving and can think of nothing other than grabbing my McDonald's breakfast and rushing to my OB appointment which is in 30 minutes. I'm thinking, rhogam shot, this cannot possibly take that long. Just stick me in the arm and let me go, right? Wrong. We got Mr. McChattyPants who typed with 1 finger and asked me a million questions not related to my shot in between all of the pertinent questions (name, date of birth, etc). I swear it took 20 minutes just to get through his line of questioning before he would give me the shot. And let me tell you, it hurt like crazy! I was thinking it would feel like a typical shot, like the flu shot or something, but oh no, this shot has massive amounts of material in it and took forever! My arm was quite sore afterwards as we ran downstairs to the cafeteria to grab an egg & cheese sandwich which I inhaled as my Mom rushed us across town to my OB appointment. Turns out my glucose levels were fine so I did not have to repeat the test, thank goodness, but I do have to have another rhogam shot at delivery. Fun!

We went for our 3D/4D Ultrasound. We went on a Saturday so that our friends & family could join us and let me tell you they did! We had like 10 people in the room with us and I swear we were so loud, thank goodness they only do one appointment at a time. It was great though, we had basically our whole family (which just so happen to all live in this same town, haha) plus a few fabulous friends who love us and couldn't wait to see the baby. I had been drinking massive quantities of water since that was the instruction for a productive session so I had to pee at least twice before we even got started (yay pregnancy!). The room was so nice, there were comfy leather couches and a big screen TV in the corner and one on the wall as well. The table for me to lay on was even comfy and had a big pillow so I didn't have to lay flat down on my back like they make you do at the OB. It was super nice and I was thrilled. I'm thinking this is going to go so well, right? She starts the u/s in 2D and is immediately worried about what we'll be able to see since our oh-so-cooperative child is nicely snuggled face first up into the placenta. She switches to 3D mode and all we get is a gooey looking blob that she says is placenta over the baby's face. She keeps pushing around and prodding my poor belly and gets nothing more than the jawline with placenta over the rest of her face. The only part we really wanted to see! This was supposed to be your glamour shots baby, move away from the placenta & show your face! Well, she kept trying and trying and had me move around and roll over and get up (which was no problem since I had to pee 3 more times during the session, haha) to try to get the back to move a little away from the placenta. She even had me drink sprite & each hershey kisses (I happily obliged, duty calls!). She was remotely successful and we could see a bit more of her face but this time she has her head resting on her arm and then her foot on her cheek & forehead. By this point I'm thinking my child just has no desire to show us her face until she is good & ready. She got some good pictures but she recommended that we come back for another session at a different time of day when the baby may be more active and willing to participate in her glamour shots photo session. We rescheduled for the next week thinking we'd have the pictures in time for my baby shower. Oh, and did I mentioned the technician was due to have her own baby like that next week? She calls me the day of our rescheduled u/s and tells me she's in labor. Yay for her but not so yay for me. I have terrible luck sometimes! So now we're going back this Saturday to see if we can get a better look. I'm assuming there was only one baby in her belly so barring any additional births we should be able to keep our appointment. Think happy thoughts!

31 weeks & promising to be better about remembering to blog

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