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made in earlysville

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Psychic was WRONG!

So much for believing in the fancy psychic lady....she was WRONG! 

We went for our ultrasound on Sept. 3 (I know, I should have posted this earlier, sorry!) and man were we in for a surprise. The lady was really nice and she asked us if we wanted to find out before she even started. We, of course, said yes. So I got on the super uncomfy flat table they make you lay on, even though you're not supposed to lay on your back when you're pregnant.....doesn't the OB know this??? She looks around and starts telling us what body parts and organs and whatnot she was looking at. She did some measurements of the heart and the head and then moved along to other spots. She said the baby wasn't cooperating very well and would have to start if we were going to find out the sex. I was fully prepared to run laps or do jumping jacks, whatever was necessary as we were not leaving without knowing who was in my belly. She kept looking around at various body parts that all looked like gray/black spots to me. We had no clue what she was looking at and then she asked again if we were sure we really wanted to know. Was she not listening earlier? I offered to do jumping jacks, of course we want to know! We said heck yea, tell us already! She said's a little GIRL! It's like we didn't get it....I'm sorry, you said what??? A what??? We just kind of laughed in shock because we were so prepared for it to be a boy. It's definitely a girl, she showed us the three little lines and everything. Some psychic!

We're really excited now. We were just a little surprised to begin with. We were so sure it was a boy and I was so prepared for it to be a boy, especially after talking to, what I thought was a legitimate psychic (do they even exist? I'm going with no now, ha ha). I think my husband was just trying to will the baby to be a boy, a little golfer! Well now he'll be golfing with his little girl! We would be happy with whatever we got, as long as the baby is healthy that's all we're concerned with anyways. And we want one of each so maybe the next one will be a boy. We're excited for the little girl, it will be fun! And now I get to shop for PINK! Woohoo!

23 weeks pregnant

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