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Big Change and Spring Break To-Do's

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Change and Spring Break To-Do's

I hope you're having a great weekend and are enjoying the last little bit of it like I am!

This next week is spring break for us and that means the hubby works constantly while I'm at home with the kids who don't have school or any activities... This could really go either way but I'm hoping it will go the way of good and happy kids and happy and productive Mama. I'm hoping to take advantage of the time we have at home. Since I didn't win the lottery this weekend, I'll be doing the work myself (bummer!).  I have lots of projects planned and high hopes for getting this house in order. 

Here is my list:
Landscape plan for front yard (yay! one thing done!)
Purchase plants/supplies from Lowes (for our house AND the kennel)
Put down crabgrass preventer
Weed flower beds
Put down Preen (or alternative)
Install plants (for our house AND the kennel)
Purchase mulch
Install mulch
Order/replace filler for window baskets 

Replace top rails on front porch
Paint/seal top rails on front porch

Paint front door green (woohoo!)
Remove ugly storm door
Purchase and replace hardware on front door (no more brass!)

Paint pots with house number for front porch (been meaning to do this for 2 years...)

Purchase hardware for dining room curtains
Purchase document print fabric similar to this
Make dining room curtains
Install hardware and curtains 

Drywall backsplash in kitchen (if we can't find someone willing to do it, so far it's looking like me)
Paint and stencil backsplash in kitchen
Install shelves over sink
Install pendant light over sink

Host play group on Monday afternoon
Take girls to dentist on Tuesday morning (super fun right?)
Do laundry and put away all of their clothes in drawers (not just in baskets thrown in closet to be then thrown on the floor...)
Play date with cousins on Wednesday afternoon (yay!)
Workout Wednesday night
Hosting Easter cookout Sunday afternoon

And somewhere in there I guess I'll need to be cooking/preparing for that cookout? We'll see what actually ends up getting done this week. 

And while I'm busy doing all of that, Blogelina will be busy transferring my blog over to WordPress and setting up my official new fancy site. As far as I know it's all supposed to be seamless and you won't have to make any changes or re-sign up for email delivery or anything. Things may look a little weird in the meantime but hopefully only for a few days. Once it's all set up hopefully I'll have some of these things crossed off of my list and some fun pictures to show you.

Happy Spring break!

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At April 1, 2012 at 10:07 PM , Blogger Mrs. 5C said...

ooooo! A green front door! This is exciting!! :)


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