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made in earlysville

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Something new is going on at our house...

We have a new visitor in our yard...

And he's been doing some digging!

Yes, that means we've finally gotten the go-ahead to start construction on our addition. We're signing the paperwork for our loan tomorrow!! We are beyond excited, especially since it's been a year since we started this process. We're building a family room and master suite off of the right side of our house. It won't be done before the new baby comes but hopefully a few months after so we can have our own room and she can have hers. Yay!

I think the hubby and father-in-law had a good bit of fun back here. This is the view off of our deck.

They had to cut up our patio and the retaining wall will apparently have to go as well. The addition will be tucked up against the side of the house and this patio curves out a little too far.

I'm going to be taking pictures and am hoping to be keeping you updated with our weekly progress. It will move pretty fast at first (the yard is being dug up tomorrow, Monday the foundation is being poured, etc.) but once we're all under roof I'm not sure we'll have quite the impressive photos to report. I'm sure we'll have something to report though, since we are having a baby in a few months :-)


Maddie is 20 months old, I'm entering my 3rd trimester at 27/28 weeks pregnant and we're starting week one of our home addition!

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