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made in earlysville: My Master Bedroom Walls Are Naked!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Master Bedroom Walls Are Naked!

So this is the look I'm going for:

Photos courtesy of mrspaz.

But I need it to match our bed linens:

Paradise Patch brought to you by: Tickled Pink & Lilly Pulitzer®
(yes, my husband is wonderful and let me pick fun Lilly Pulitzer prints)

Here are some prints I like:

Magenta Gerbera Art Print14x11Orange Zinnia Art Print11x14Magenta Tulip Art Print11x14

I like them but I'm not sure they would work since 2 are vertical and one is horizontal. Not to mention there is NOTHING else that goes with them. Why is that?? Do other people not want 6 prints that go together? Guess not...

These come in 16x20 (they're all the same size, not sure why the one is showing as bigger):
1.Sunflower, Burnt Yellow on Orange Posters by Masao Ota2.Tulip Sunburnt Yellow on Bright Green Print by Masao Ota 3.Gerbera Magenta on Reflex Blue Prints by Masao Ota4. Daffodils Art by Masao Ota 5.Daisies Prints by Masao Ota6.Tulip Magenta on Deep Purple Prints by Masao Ota7.Cosmos Mauve on Reflex Blue Posters by Masao Ota 8.Sunny Day Prints by Masao Ota

Which ones?

I love this but I'm not sure what I would do with it:

Giant Yellow Tulips Art Print

I like this too!
Tulips Art Print

Oooooooo, I like this one! ANNNNND it comes in 16x20 too!

Hostas Prints by Fleur Olby

What about this (the bigger one is 24x31)?
 Hostas Prints by Fleur Olby Back of Lily Art PrintHostas Prints by Fleur Olby
**it's supposed to show the 2 hostas on either side of the back of the lily***

I really like this too:

Sweet Pea and Lupin Leaves Prints by Fleur Olby16x20



At June 28, 2009 at 6:51 PM , Blogger Mrs. 5C said...

I looooove the Pink Lilly with the hostas on either side. :) I think that'd be plenty big enough!

Not to give you more options (sometimes I wish I could just pick something and be done with it), but that shutterpoint website has some cheap options:


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