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Friday, March 9, 2012

Save Money on Organic Milk and Yogurt

My girls are obsessed with yogurt, it's definitely a contender in our house for favorite food (right up there next to ice cream...). But when I started buying baby yogurts and organic whole milk for Maddie a few years ago I realized very quickly just how expensive those product can be. And it really doesn't matter the brand, they're all pretty comparable in price and they're all pretty expensive.

When we had Maddie we became a one income family and in the past few years I have gotten pretty good at whittling down our budget and making more with less. One of the areas that I have been able to significantly reduce our spending is our grocery budget. I have done so by shopping the sales and couponing. It was important to me to save money but still be buying the foods and products that our family loved and that were healthy and wholesome. I'm not trying to feed the kids a box of processed food every night, even if it is free.

So I was stoked when I found out that Stonyfield Farms has coupons on their website EVERY MONTH for all of their products, including YoBaby Yogurt and organic milk. I shop at Harris Teeter and they typically sell YoBaby Yogurt for $2.79 and there is usually a coupon for .50/1 making it $1.79. Not too bad! I makes it about the price of the other brands of non-organic yogurt, sometimes less when paired with a sale. You do have to sign up at their website but I like this site because they don't send me spam emails or partner emails like some other sites do. And you also don't have to install a coupon printer on your computer either. It prints like a normal webpage would and I find that so much easier, especially for people who don't regularly coupon.

I buy milk in the half gallons (which I know is more expensive without coupons) but they last longer and I still get good deals, usually about the same cost or less than the gallons (which I haven't found coupons for yet). There are also coupons on Horizon Dairy's website for half gallon size milk and the little vanilla and chocolate singles (are your kids as obsessed with those as mine are??). Horizon doesn't have them quite as often as Stonyfield Farms does but they are a good value when they do. Usually .55/1 half gallon or .55/3 singles. I recently got the singles free from Harris Teeter when paired with a sale.

You can save even more money with the rewards program from Stonyfield Farms. I get free yogurt and milk from them several times each month. Yes, I said FREE. They have rewards codes on the lids of their yogurts that you can enter on their website and earn points. You can then redeem these points for your choice of free items depending on the number of points you have accumulated. They have all sorts of things from magazine subscriptions (which I skip over since I never pay for those anyways) and Stonyfield gear to free yogurt and milk and other organic products. I usually just get the free yogurt and milk since that's what my family uses. I just ordered 2 half gallons of free milk last week and then another this morning. They send a coupon in the mail pretty quickly and then you just take it to the grocery store like you would any other coupon and you take home a free item that you would have bought anyways! The cashiers always appreciate it when you make note of the price of the item you will be getting for free since they usually have to write it on the coupon during checkout. And you can use the reward code on the free item you just brought home to earn more points for more free items. It's awesome! I love this program and it makes a huge difference in my budget and I get to buy my kids (and myself!) wholesome organic milk and yogurt.

You can sign up for the Stonyfield Rewards program here.

And in case you're wondering, I was not asked to post about this nor did I receive anything in exchange for posting this. I just thought this might be helpful to pass along and hopefully you can save some money :-)

Happy Friday!

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